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Books - Native American - Basketry

3310-0300 Indian Basketry by George Wharton James, paperback, 271 pages, ISBN # 0-486-21712-4, Dover Publications, unabridged republication of the 4th edition, published in 1909, illustrated ... $7.50/ea. 2 ea. available
3310-0500 Native American Basketry of the Seneca and Tlingit by Richard C. Schneider, Ed., paperback, 80 pages, ISBN # 0-936984-14-7, Schneider Publsihers, combination of two 1940s books, illustrated ... $8.50/ea. 2 ea. available
3310-0650 Pomo Basketmaking. A Supreme Art for the Weaver by Elsie Allen, paperback, 67 pages, ISBN # 87961-01606, Naturegraph Publishers, line drawings and lots of B&W photographs, How to make the baskets yourself is shown in detailed descriptions and accurate drawings and photographs ... $7.50/ea. 3 ea. available
3310-0850 The Art and Style of Western Indian Basketry by Joan Megan Jones, paperback, 56 pages, ISBN # 0-88839-122-6, Hancock House Publishers, color photographs on almost every page ... $7.95/ea. 3 ea. available

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