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Trapping - Traps - Conibear

made by Victor (Animal Trap Company, Lititz, PA)

706-1252 # 120-2 double spring, 4.5 " jaw spread, extra strong, with chain, humped corners, complete old style bolt on trigger ... $5.00/ea. 1 ea. available
706-1257 # 120-2 double spring, 4.5 " jaw spread, extra strong, humped corners, long factory twin-loop chain with loop, trigger is missing, new bolt on replacement provided, you just need to put it on, clean metal ... $5.00/ea. 1 ea. available
706-2217 # 220-2 double spring, extra strong, humped corners, trigger is missing, dog is present, short factory twin-loop chain with loop on end, safety hook on each spring, clean metal, first model of the humped corner Conibears that had the cotter pin safety release on one spring, trap is complete but end of one spring needs to be reattached ... $5.00/ea. 1 ea. available

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