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3120-0100 All About Saleable Medicinals by John W. Epler, Jr., paperback, 47 pages, copyright 1996, B&W photos ... $9.50/ea. 1 ea. available
3120-0600 The Mushroom Manual by Dr. Lorentz C. Pearson, paperback, 224 pages, copyright 1987, ISBN # 0-87961-161-8, Naturegraph Publishers, few line drawings ... $10.00/ea. 3 ea. available
3120-0610 Native Plants Native Healing by Tis Mal Crow, paperback, 143 pages, copyright 2001, ISBN # 1-57067-105-2 ... $12.95/ea. 1 ea. available
3120-0650 Northwest Native Harvest by Carol Batdorf, paperback, 96 pages, copyright 1990, ISBN # 0-88839-245-1, Hancock House Publishers, line drawings, includes sections on cooking equipment and fires, fish, shellfish, meat, vegetables, berries and beverages ... $8.00/ea.
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2 ea. available
3120-0725 Plants of Power by Alfred Savinelli, paperback, 128 pages, copyright 2002, ISBN # 1-57067-130-3, Native American Ceremony and the Use of Sacred Plants ... $9.95/ea. 2 ea. available
3120-0910 Wild Edible Fruits & Berries by Marjorie Furlong and Virginia Pill, paperback, 62 pages, copyright 1974, ISBN # 0-87961-032-8, Naturegraph Publishers, color photos, in addition to information on the plants, it also includes a section with recipes for using the fruits and berries ... $8.95/ea.
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1 ea. available
3120-0915 Wild Edible Plants of Western North America by Donald R. Kirk, paperback, 307 pages plus index, copyright 1970, 1975, ISBN # 0-87961-036-0, Naturegraph Publishers, line drawings and a few color photos, covers the western US in general with sections on the northwest and the southwest ... $9.00/ea.
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1 ea. available

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