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Books are listed alphabetically by title. All books are NEW unless otherwise stated.

855-0400 Handling Beaver, Raccoon, Opossum & Mink Pelts, by Nick Wyshinski, paperback, 20 pages, large size format ( 8.5 x 11 ") like a typed manuscript, line drawings ... $7.50/ea. 18 ea. available
855-0650 Practical Raw Fur Handling Methods, by Nick Wyshinski, paperback, 64 pages, small size format, a few B&W photos ... $4.50/ea. 8 ea. available
855-0700 Raw Fur Handling at its Best, by Keith Winkler, paperback, 76 pages, B&W photos ... $7.50/ea.
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4 ea. available
855-0775 Trapping & Handling American Raw Furs, by C.O. Lippert, paperback, 79 pages, few B&W photos and line drawings ... $10.00/ea. 3 ea. available

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