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711-1505 # 1/2 single long, extra strong, humped cross piece with clamp pan, riveted OC pan is readable but not collector quality, long figure 8 chain with loop, jaws have very light pitting ... $10.00/ea. 1 ea. available
711-3050 # 3 single long (one spring removed), super strong, cast OC pan that should clean to GOOD (or maybe better), long factory flat link chain with loop on end, trap has overall medium rusting and very light pitting ... $12.50/ea. 2 ea. available
711-4003 # 4 double long, one super strong H&N spring, one super strong Victor type spring, riveted OC post pan, pan will clean to GOOD/VERY GOOD, jaws have been offset with a bent nail welded on, solid jaw posts, 12 inches of flat link chain attached to the Victor spring, this is a parts or user trap ... $8.50/ea. 1 ea. available

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