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750-1701 # 1 Champion single long, super strong, humped cross piece and clamp pan, made by Charles Bridell from 1937-1939, long twin-loop chain with loop on end, pan is readable and might clean to GOOD, stock traps (no modifications) ... $8.50/ea. 4 ea. available
750-2003 # 2 coil spring Professional Animal Trap, extra strong, low levers, square regular jaws, ovalish pan, pan should clean to GOOD, 6 inches of twin-loop chain on side of trap, nothing on end of chain, made in Japan in 1978 for Cabelas ... $8.50/ea. 1 ea. available
750-8700 Woods & Water, extra strong, killer tap made in 1981-1982, complete, stock, no chain, traps appear to have been used very little if at all, do have surface rusting, stamping will clean to VERY GOOD ... $12.50/eq. 12 eq. available

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