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3155-0050 American Indian Cooking & Herb Lore by J. Ed Sharpe & Thomas B. Underwood, paperback, 32 pages, copyright 1973, ISBN # 0-935741-054, Cherokee Publications, illustrated, sections on vegetables, corn, wild meat, beverages, soups, broths, breads ... $4.25/ea.
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3 ea. available
3155-0200 Cherokee Cooklore edited by Mary Ulmer & Samuel E. Beck, paperback, 71 pages, copyright 1951, ISBN # n/a, Cherokee Publications, B&W photos of Cherokee people preparing food, includes recipes for bread, soup, fish, etc. ... $4.25/ea. 3 ea. available
3155-0250 Corn Recipes from the Indians compiled by Frances Gwaltney, paperback, 32 pages, copyright 1988, ISBN # 0-935741-151, Cherokee Publications, recipes for drinks, desserts, soup, dumplings, mush, bread and misc. ... $4.25/ea. 3 ea. available
3155-0450 Indian Cookin' compiled by Herb Walker, paperback, 64 pages, copyright 1977, ISBN # n/a, Cherokee Publications, recipes for main dishes, vegetables, desserts, breads, soups, jams/jellies ... $4.25/ea. 3 ea. available

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