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724-1501 # 1 1/2 single long, super strong, cast OC pan, no patent dates, pan is VERY GOOD/FINE, no chain, though chain clevice and flat J-hook is present spring is stamped but barely readable, trappers mark on underside of trap, light pitting on the bottom piece, one of the jaw ends on the non-spring side of the trap has been weld-repaired, good for parts or a wall hanger ... $8.50/ea. 1 ea. available
724-1502 # 1 1/2 single long, spring is slightly weak, cast pan that is very slightly pitted and not readable, smaller size pan (1 7/8 inch diameter), factory flat link chain with loop on end, trap has overall very light pitting, spring does not appear to be marked, a great wall hanger trap ... $10.00/ea 1 ea available
724-1503 # 1 1/2 single long, super strong, cast OC pan that is partly readable, the outer edges of the pan are readable but the center part is not, trap has overall pitting, No chain except for the clevice that would attach it to the spring, trap is functional and could be used or it would be a great wall hanger ... $7.50/ea. 1 ea. available
724-2005 # 2 double long, riveted pan (1 7/8 inch diameter) that is not readable, one spring is extra strong, one spring is strong, long factory flat link chain with loop on end ... $12.50/ea. 1 ea. available
724-4201 # 14 double long, solid jaw posts, good strong springs, cast ATCo pan that is barely readable, long factory twist link with no loop on the end, trap has overall medium pitting (which adds character), teeth are all present, trap is probably best as a wall hanger but it is probably good enough to catch more fur (where legal) ... $60.00/ea. 1 ea. available

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