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Books - Native American - Pottery

3355-0100 American Indian Pottery by Sharon Wirt, paperback, 33 pages, ISBN # 0-88839-134-X, Hancock House Publishers, drawings and color photographs, explores the different pottery styles of early Native Americans ... $3.95/ea. 3 ea. available
3355-0450 How to Make Primitive Pottery by Evard H. Gibby, paperback, 63 pages, ISBN # 0-943604-38-9, Eagle's View Publishing, B&W photographs, includes sections on clay preparation, primitive firing, cooking in a clay pot, etc. ... $8.95/ea. 4 ea. available
3355-0600 Making North American Pottery by Michael Simpson, paperback, 79 pages, ISBN # 0-87961-191-X, Naturegraph Publishers, B&W and color photographs, details how to gather and prepare clay, make pottery without special tools, fix pottery in an open door pit, etc. ... $7.95/ea 2 ea available

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