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Books are listed alphabetically by title. All books are new unless otherwise stated.

858-0325 Efficient Effective New Snare Methods, by Larry (Slim) Pedersen, paperback, 62 pages, few B&W photos ... $14.50/ea 9 ea available
858-0685 Snares and Snaring, 3rd Edition, by Raymond Thompson, paperback, 68 pages, lots of line drawings ... $12.50/ea. 1 ea. available
858-0700 Snaring in the Space Age, by Bernie Barringer, paperback, 104 pages, 1992 edition, book size - 8.25" x 5.5", B&W photos ... $9.50/ea. 2 ea. available
858-0701 Snaring in the Space Age, by Bernie Barringer, paperback,102 pages, 1998 editon, B&W photos ... $11.00/ea 3 ea available
858-0750 Snood System of Snaring, by Leonard Rollison and Raymond Thompson, paperback, 18 pages, few line drawings ... $5.00/ea. 3 ea. available

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