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776-0001 Setting tool for DP coon traps, new, may have some light surface rusting, 9 " long by 5 " wide, weighs less than a pound ... $5.00/ea.
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13 ea. available
776-1003 Gem Setter for any size body-grip trap, 14 inches long, weight = 1.5 pounds ... $11.50/ea
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1 ea available
776-1006 Bridger long spring trap setter, for help setting double long spring traps from # 3s through # 5s, complete with a 'U' clamp ... $12.50/ea. 1 ea. available
776-1007 Jiffy Trap Setters made by Animal Trap Company, Lititz, PA, works on small long spring traps, setters are rusty and probably used, setter only - U clamp not included ... $7.50/ea 1 ea available
776-1009 conibear safety grip, made by Woodstream Corp (Victor traps) ... $7.50/ea. 5 ea. available

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