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Books - Native American - Weapons

3390-0150 Bows & Arrows of the Native American by Jim Hamm, paperback, 156 pages, ISBN # 1-55821-168-3, The Lyons Press, lots of B&W photographs, A complete step-by-step guide to Wooden Bows, Sinew-backed Bows, Composite Bows, Strings, Arrows & Quivers ... $14.95/ea. 3 ea. available
3390-0300 Flintknapping, The Art of Making Stone Tools by Paul Hellweg, paperback, 111 pages, copyright 1984, ISBN # 0-942568-05-2, Canyon Publishing Company, chapters include raw materials, percussion flaking, pressure flaking, pecking & grinding, hafting techniques, B&W photos, line drawings ... $7.50/ea. 2 ea. available
3390-0550 Making Arrows the Old Way by Doug Wallentine, paperback, 28 pages, ISBN # 0-943604-22-2, Eagle's View Publishing, line drawings and B&W photos ... $4.50/ea. 3 ea. available

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